Equity Strategies

Our equity strategies are designed to balance capital preservation with capital appreciation potential. We invest across several equity platform portfolios to enhance the strategy’s diversification and risk-adjusted returns. 

  • Large Cap Core Equity – Through an evaluation process based upon in-depth analysis, Parkside constructs a diversified portfolio of companies that have attractive growth prospects relative to valuation, or are undervalued relative to their net asset value. Parkside evaluates companies based on quantitative metrics as well as qualitatively assessing corporate management, business strategy and macro factors impacting the industry.
  • Parkside Covered Call Fund LP is a proprietary limited partnership for qualified investors that invests in a diversified portfolio of equity securities, while also writing equity call options on some or all of its underlying equity holdings.

Complementary Investment Strategies

Parkside also may employ investment strategies on behalf of clients in the following categories:

  • Small Cap Equities
  • International Equities (Developed and Emerging Markets)
  • Municipal (tax-free) Bonds
  • Taxable Bonds (Government, Agency, Corporate, Mortgages and International)